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Stamp Pads

Stamp pads for hand stamps in variety of sizes and ink colors.
  • Standard Use Stamp Pads

    Finest quality linen covered felt stamp pads. These pads are made for extra service, giving thousands of impressions and absorbing refill ink "like a sponge." They are available in five different colors as well as uninked. Each pad is protected by an air-tight cellophane wrap to assure freshness.
  • ACE Industrial Stamp Pads

    The ACE Stamp Pads are offered in extra large sizes for use in industry, post offices and any area where large stamps are used. Equipped with a durable hinged lid which helps to conserve ink when the pad is not being used. The extra-heavy cloth pad covering stands up extremely well under difficult conditions. The cloth pad also permits a generous ink supply to be applied. Pads are mounted on a heavy wood base. Built for continuous service. Uninked only.